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Digital Marketing Overview

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Google Tools

SEM Search Engine Marketing

SMM Social Media Marketing

Google Ad-word Certification

Lead Generation

Website Introduction & Planning

Overview Of Digital Marketing

E-commerce & Mobile Marketing

Affiliate Marketing & Program


Email & Content Marketing

SMO Social Media Optimization

Facebook & Bing Certification

Inbound Marketing Certification

LDMI Certification

LDMI is one of the top 10 digital marketing institutes in Delhi. Being a well-known institute, LDMI provides best real education of digital marketing.

LDMI is among the most trustworthy when it comes to digital marketing course in Delhi. We claim ourselves best because of our unique style of training, impressive methods, and result-driven approach.

We cover each and every trending key aspect of digital marketing by providing the best digital marketing training in Delhi.

Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

When students come to LDMI to learn digital marketing course, we give them a brief about the scope of digital marketing course in Delhi. For beginners, we provide an overview regarding the importance of digital marketing in today’s era.

We also explain our students about the need of digital marketing training courses in this world of internet and why they should join this flourishing industry of digital marketing.

LDMI is different from other digital marketing institutes in Delhi because it gives extensive knowledge about all the aspects of digital marketing.

Learn Website Fundamentals- Hosting, Domain & WordPress via our Digital Marketing Training Course in Delhi

After giving the overview of digital marketing training in Delhi, students will get to learn about the important requirements of website development. In this part, students will understand how to build a website.

Those looking for Digital Marketing training in Delhi, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh will have to understand that you cannot learn all the aspects of digital marketing course on social media.

LDMI also provides the facilities of P.G (Paying Guest) for those students who come from other states to learn digital marketing course in Delhi.

At LDMI, digital marketing expert teams teach students from the basics of digital marketing and take them to the advanced level so that they can be prepared to get a good job in the digital marketing industry.

Learn To Buy a Domain through Digital Marketing Training Course in Delhi at LDMI

When you learn to make a website, the first essential part is buying a domain. The domain is considered as the address on the internet. The domain is the reason; we reach a website because it serves as an address.

In our digital marketing course, we teach students about buying a domain on their own. Skilled faculties at LDMI, help learners during the whole process and help them while choosing a domain name.

Learn to Buy and Connect Hosting to Domain at LDMI in our Digital Marketing Training Course in Delhi

Hosting is another essential part of a digital marketing course in Delhi. Learners at LDMI will also get to learn about buying a hosting plan which can go with the domain.

In this module, we teach students about hosting plans, the importance of a good hosting plan and other factors included in this plan. And also about connecting domain and hosting.

Are you looking for a digital marketing training course in Delhi that covers the basics and advanced layers of the digital marketing industry? Your search has come to an end at LDMI.

Learn to Install Word Press in Digital Marketing Training in Delhi at LDMI

A website is technically ready after connecting the hosting and domain. The next part is to upload the content and making the website’s interface. Word Press is obviously the best CMS to work on.

Word Press is very easy to understand. Even if you have a little technical background then you will easily learn about creating highly interactive websites by using Word Press.

Being the best digital marketing institute in Delhi, we always provide our students with the best CMS. We stick to Word Press in our digital marketing course in Delhi.

Learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at our Digital marketing training institute in Delhi

Search Engine Optimization has gained popularity due to its several benefits in the marketing industry. SEO is an essential part of digital marketing.

All digital marketing institutes in Delhi offer Search Engine Optimization Course. At LDMI, you can learn the best SEO by our team of highly experienced Digital Marketing expert team.

We train our students in SEO which can make them a great digital marketer who can market a product, service or brand for free to the concerned audience.

We are well-known for covering all the aspects of SEO at our Digital marketing institute in Delhi. We truly believe in practical-learning principle. We not only provide theoretical knowledge about SEO but we also encourage students to try it practically. All the tools and techniques will be well-defined by our skilled teachers.

If you also want to learn the best SEO, then join LDMI, most trustworthy digital marketing training institute in Delhi, for a promising career in the field of digital marketing.

LDMI also teaches On-Page SEO which is a part of our Digital Marketing Training Course in Delhi

On-Page SEO at LDMI covers all the techniques which are used to optimize a website’s organic search engine e presence. In On-Page SEO, many topics are included such as meta tag optimization, keyword research, URL optimization, content writing and optimization and sitemap creation.

We specially focus on content writing and keyword research among all the above topics at our digital marketing training course institute in Delhi. Because these are the most important topics in the field of digital marketing.

As we believe in real education, our digital marketing course module is based on both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Learn Off-Page SEO at LDMI, the best Digital Marketing Training Course institute in Delhi
In off-page SEO, those methods are covered which are used outside the website’s domain. Another word for Off-page SEO is back link. It means that link which goes from one website to another. Back links of a website should be relevant and of good quality so that there are chances to get higher search rankings with the set of keywords.
Link building is not an easy task that is why LDMI, most reliable digital marketing training course institute in Delhi teaches its students unique link building techniques. No institute offer practical training to its students about back links but LDMI is a believer of practical teaching and that is why our students get placement in renowned companies.
Our link building techniques which we teach at our digital marketing institute in Delhi consists of
• Article submission
• Guest posting
• Web directory submission
• Forum submission
• PR submission
• Social bookmarking
• Blog commenting
• Classified posting
Some other topics which are covered in OFF-Page SEO at our digital marketing training institute are search engine submissions, RSS feed submissions and link exchange.

Learn about Algorithms at LDMI, most popular Digital Marketing Training Institute in Delhi
Algorithms basically determine the search result’s rankings when a keyword is searched. If one wants to learn about SEO then he/she also have to learn about the working of algorithms.
In our digital marketing course modules, we completely focus on teaching about Google as it is the main key for almost every search engine activity. Students will get to learn about Google Caffeine, Google Penguin, Google Humming Bird, Google Panda, Google Pirate, Google Pigeon, Google Pay-day, Google EMD, Google BERT, Google Rank Brain and Google Mobile-friendly in our digital marketing course modules.
LDMI impressively explains the significance of algorithms to its students and how they should operate it. In our digital marketing course in Delhi, we tell learners about the algorithm’s effects on digital marketing.

Learn SEO Tools at the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi
For the optimization of the process of SEO, many tools are being used. Digital marketers use these tools to enhance the performance of SEO campaigns. In our digital marketing course modules in Delhi, we cover all the important tools which are used in all over the world for SEO.
LDMI provides practical knowledge of tools to its students. Our digital marketing expert team teaches students about putting SEO tools in SEO campaigns.
Learn Google Keyword Planner at LDMI, with the most impressive Digital Marketing Course Modules.
As we all are aware that the work of Google Keyword Planner is to develop the keyword suggestions and ideas and that is what your learn at our digital marketing training institute in Delhi.
This important tool is for free and developed by Google and you can learn more about it at LDMI, best digital marketing institute in Delhi. It us a great tool for digital marketers as they can test the keyword suggestions and ideas on which they want to create content. Marketers can get an overview of search results which people are searching on a given topic which will help them to decide that on which keyword they want to create content.
At our digital marketing institute in Delhi, learners will get to study about the features and functionalities of keyword planner and how to use it practically. We also teach students other factors like keywords basics, search intent, short and long-tail keywords and search volume etc. We ensure that our students are using keyword planner smartly.
Learn Google Analytics with the most beneficial Digital Marketing Training Course in Delhi at LDMI
To measure the performance of traffic on a website, Google analytics is being used. It is considered as one of the best tools in digital marketing industry. Google analytics is among the essential platform for digital marketer.
Google analytics also help digital marketers in understanding their audience. We have included all the important aspects of digital marketing in our digital marketing course modules and Google analytics is one of them.
At our digital marketing institute in Delhi, students get to learn about the ways to use incoming data. We provide practical knowledge of Google analytics to our students by giving them a set of data on which they can make accurate conclusions.
Learn Google Search Console (Webmaster) with LDMI’s Digital Marketing Training Course in Delhi
As analytics is a tool which estimates traffic on your website, Google Search Console which is also known as Goggle Webmaster, helps to analyze the visibility of a website on search engines. By using Google Search Console, digital marketers learn to manage several operations such as
• A digital marketer can check the website’s several WebPages indexing status.
• By covering metrics like CTR and SERPs, they can learn about the content’s performance on keywords.
• They will be able to change and monitor the crawl rate.
• Submission of sitemap
• Monitor website’s overall security and many more.
We teach all the above features at LDMI and make sure that our students are able to use Google Search Console efficiently. At Learn Digital Market Institute in Delhi, our digital marketing expert team teaches about the importance of each feature of Search Console.
Learn Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in Digital Marketing Training Course at LDMI in Delhi
Like SEO is highly important in Digital marketing as it grows organic traffic but Search Engine Marketing (SEM) gets traffic via paid methods.

Although SEO is considered as the best part of Digital marketing but it shows positive results very slow and these days companies want to gain good results quickly. That is why SEM is gaining popularity. At our digital marketing institute in Delhi, our digital marketing expert team gives impressive training of Search engine marketing. Several search engine platforms like Bing and Google are offering platforms to marketers to reach the audience via advertising. To learn SEM from basics to advance level, enroll yourself at LDMI, a world-class digital marketing training course institute in Delhi.
It is very important to balance the SEO and SEM in a campaign and that’s what you learn at our digital marketing institute.

We cover the following topics in our digital marketing course in Delhi –

Learn Google Ad Words at LDMI, top-most digital marketing institute in Delhi

Google Ad Words is obviously the most famous online advertising platform in all over the world. It allows digital marketers to reach their targeted audience with the help of keywords.

Basically Ad Words is all about two factors of digital marketing, keywords and cookies.

With the help of keywords, digital marketers are able to understand those terms which their target audience searches for. After knowing about keywords, digital marketers can place their ad listing for the organic search results.

In our digital marketing course modules, we are teaching about the ways an ad is to be listed.

Cookies are another significant aspect of Ad Words. When cookies are collected from the website, it allows Google to place some specific ads which are related to visitors.

In today’s digital era, most of the people use internet. Whether it is about booking cabs, ordering vegetables and food, buying furniture etc., all has become digital. Without digital presence, a business cannot survive these days. There were several mediums and means to promote businesses earlier also but obviously they were very limited.

Marketing of services or products using desktops, phone, digital displays, laptops etc., called Digital Marketing. It has totally changed the buying behavior of consumers. With an impressive online presence, your business can reach to the next level of success.

As Digital marketing is booming across the globe, its scope has also increased at a fast pace. Digital marketing is creating innumerable job opportunities every year. Report of 2016 says that almost 1.5 lakh people got placements in the sector of India’s digital marketing and in 2017, it went too far with eight lakh people.

The best part is that our government is strongly promoting Digitalization, which means the scope of digital marketing in India is unimaginable. The growth rate of India’s Digital marketing industry is around 40%. You are going to get numerous results for digital marketing, if you are searching for online job portals. The numbers of these results are enough to explain the scope and demand of digital marketing industry in India. Several startups and established companies are recruiting skilled professionals and experts of digital marketing for the growth of their business or brand.

“Digital marketing is shining at peak level and has a great scope in India”


Although there are oceans of ways to excel,for now here are 8 industries where there is wild scope for any digital marketing expert.




MARKETING –In its essence, everything that a company executes from networking through the web to client interfacing constitutes digital marketing. It naturally follows that the marketing industry is more than capable of putting to use the digital network of the target audiences and some potential buyers too. It is noteworthy how all this happens within a digital framework.Different digital marketing techniques offer numerous opportunities for the marketing industries to reap profits. Like most people know, video advertising has been one of the most striking types of networking content. As it turns out, over 60% of advertisers are vehemently using video marketing.

RETAIL & E COMMERCE – If you were to rank three industries generating maximum ROI through digital marketing, the retail industry would definitely finish in the top rung. The big fishes in retail understandably have expansive digital marketing mechanisms in place. But the fascinating development we’ve observed is how there’s been is plenty of breathing space for a lot of smaller companies as well.If you’re a retailer dealing in an in-demand and yet micro-niche product, digital marketing is definitely for you. The common thread among all these retailers is the fact that all of them tend to settle customer complaints way before they seem to snowball out of proportion

BFSI –Also known as the BUSINESS,FINANCE SERVICES AND INSURANCE  The BFSI sector is unable to tap into a really humungous customer base due to their old-school marketing techniques. Brands literally have no idea of the opportunity they are missing out on. What then must be done to tap into this potentially huge market?
Digital Marketing is the answer. If you investigate, you very soon come to the realisation that the BFSI sector is one of the very last to embrace digital marketing. Every other industry has embraced it with open hearts and have also been extremely satisfied with the results. Social media marketing, SEO, CRO etc. go a very long way in generating clients. It doesn’t end there either. Digital marketing also allows you to address customer grievances faster and more efficiently, hence increasing client satisfaction. This leads to a significant boost in brand value.

 LAWThis might come as a surprise for many. But the law industry is making use of digital marketing services to achieve some remarkable success. A Greentarget State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey, 25% of all American law firms have an organized content marketing plan in place. Most law offices are now emerging blogging hubs as well. That is partly because of the reason that law experts are extremely effective communicators who make a living out of conveying the right messages. They are also extremely skilled at breaking down law into smaller bits and clarifying difficult clauses in common language. Indeed, a lot of customers that law firms pick are from an incoming stream of curious visitors who seek answers to legal questions. So even when they are not converting with huge amounts of money, the ROI is significantly higher given that most law firms use conventional search engine optimization.

EDUCATION & TRAINING –Gone are days where access to information was just limited to books and libraries. You simply don’t have sit in a cubicle to learn something now in 21st century. With endless ocean of information at our fingertips access to knowledge and information had remarkably changed and as a result the education industry buckled up itself to change its way with time in order to thrive or else perish. Perhaps the biggest low-budget profit reaper of digital marketing is the education and training industry. An online medium like Facebook now enables educators, students, and institutions interact directly with one another. Honestly, this very idea was unimaginable in the pre-social media days. In particular, schools and universities have gone above and beyond in the application of digital media for promotion.Most colleges and universities use social media platforms to call attention to ongoing campus events. Others use it to drive international student admission campaigns, which is extremely profitable for universities. Then, there are promotions for new education modules and awareness for a range of social issues.Sample this for a digital marketing fact: one in two educational institutions use digital marketing to raise funds for events.

REAL ESTATE – Real estate is the forever golden industry as long as we humans walk on the planet. In the recent time real estate has gone through the roof just like the gigantic skyscrapers.With the advancement of internet and technology we have seems many successful home grown ventures making good use of the digital marketing and some experts indeed,to grow,Nestaway and are well known names. In most locations across the world, digital marketing seems to be more profitable for real estate marketers than traditional marketing. It started mostly with estate marketers advertising their properties on Facebook. Facebook continues to be an extremely feasible mode of marketing for internet marketers.With the wild competition in real estate don’t you think they need someone help them tackle the digital marketing frontier?

HEALTH – How many times have you or someone you know looked up online resources to find information about health conditions? Most of us look at online medicine portals to find essential information. A 2013 Pew Research Center study shows that 77% of web users tend to check for online solutions for health problems. There’s no denying that specialists are still a very important part of the healthcare equation. But the truth is they have been replaced by the internet when it comes to primary healthcare information seeking. This is one of the prime reasons why digital marketing is so critical for medical professionals. A decent site befitting for digital marketing for health industry, a strong web-based social networking, simple to understand info graphics and health-related information that has been advanced for SEO all make a decent impression and acquire more number of patients.

TRAVEL – People are more often packing their bags and setting off to explore distant places.(unless something like CORONA comes up) Destination weddings, hiking adventure travels has infused the current men and as result the travel industry has made it place in the graph. With so many options available and now we have discounts too to attract customers. Since travel enthusiasts are increasingly going online to execute their travel plans, your website needs to be visible enough for your potential customers to take notice and access. To meet the objectives, it must be marketed well using online marketing services. Also, the online medium has turned out to be highly dynamic with the advent of new technologies and changing user preferences. Hence, to sustain in this competitive environment, you need to reach out to your potential customers either using in-house resources or engaging top digital marketing services. 

PHARMA – The Internet is a growing media for information, awareness and treatment options about healthcare. It’s creating an overall better informed patient pool and a better networked physician. A space teeming with physicians and patients cannot be ignored by the pharma industry. The potential of Digital Pharma Marketing is immense! The healthcare sector is digitizing at a rapid pace and key stakeholders like doctors and patients are resorting to online media to avail information about everything related to life sciences. Although pharma has been notoriously slow in adopting digital initiatives, things are changing fast.Using digital marketing, pharma can improve the effectiveness of its field force. While medial reps are essential to maintain a one-on-one relationship, blogs, social media updates, drug-related videos and KOL interactions create alternative touch-points that can be used to support their activities. Digital initiatives also lend crucial insights into consumer behavior which can be used to improve targeted marketing efforts.Online networking communities for doctors are great for initiating discussions, connecting with peers, seeking advice on complex cases, and engaging in continuous medical education. Moreover, they allow for ethical marketing of drugs. This is of great value, given the bad reputation earned by the conventional pharma marketing.


BONUS – Pick any industry rise of digital marketing is all time high.You can make your mark with proper skills learned anywhere.

Advance Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing in its simplest term refers to advertising your business products or services through digital channels such as search engines, social media channels, websites, apps, email, etc. It is a way to connect with your potential customers digitally and generate leads using digital mediums such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc.

How to Define Digital Marketing?

As the internet usage is growing rapidly, the scope of digital marketing is also on rise. According to one of the reports by PEW RESEARCH, the internet usage among adults has increased 5% in last three years. With an increasing usage of digital marketing modes, the traditional forms of marketing or offline modes of marketing are not as effective as they were before and every business today globally required online marketing modes to sustain in the market.Marketing refers to target right audiences, right place and right time. In today’s scenario you need to target the audiences where they are spending their lots of time and that is over internet.

What are the different methods in Digital Marketing?

Here is the quick list of methods or the different ways that webmasters can adopt to generate leads and conversions in digital marketing. These are the most common digital marketing tactics and strategies that digital marketers can use to promote the business services or products:

Top 8 Methods of Digital Marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing targeted keywords or keyphrases to get higher rankings in the search engine’s natural or organic results. One of the main benefits of search engine optimization is that it provides you traffic, visitors and leads without any investment. You can promote your websites, blogs, social profiles, youtube videos on search engines and can increase your sales online without any investment. This is one of the free methods of digital marketing.

2. Content Marketing: Writing engaging, creative and unique content is another way to get traffic from the internet. Digital Marketers can write about their business, tips and tricks and other useful things for their readers and can share the content on the official blog of their website. They can also write content for social media audiences, e-books, newsletters, brochures, lookbooks, etc and thus can increase the sales online.

3. Social Media Marketing: Another popular method of digital marketing is to use the power of social media platforms. Social media marketing is a great way of marketing to increase brand awareness and make your online visibility most prominent in the sight of social media audiences. Once you are able to create your brand in the sight of the audiences, you can also be able to generate leads and conversions using the social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.

4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC): Pay Per Click (PPC) is also a vital and instant way of generating leads and conversions. One of the types of pay per click is Google Adwords where you can appear at the top positions of Google and you pay to Google for every click the user-generated after searching on Google for the related terms to your business services or products.

5. Affiliate Marketing: This is another form of digital marketing and it is the way of marketing by which the blog owners will receive the commissions for promoting the services or products on their blogs or websites.

6. Marketing Automation: This way of marketing refers to the use of software that automates your marketing operations. All of the repetitive and scheduled marketing tasks can be done using different marketing software such as emailing newsletters, contact list updation, tracking of campaign, tracking leads and conversions etc.

7. Press releases: It is also a great way of digital marketing as it provides you a chance to get appear in digital publications and magazines, blogs and other content-enriched websites. You can advertise your products or services using reporters, news agencies, online PR platforms, etc.

8. Inbound Marketing: Inbound marketing refers to engaging the visitors or audiences with your content marketing efforts. Using high quality and creative content on your blog and website and attracting visitors is what inbound marketing is.

LDMI is among the list of top digital marketing institutes in Delhi and thus will provide you enhanced knowledge along-with the practical implementation of all the digital marketing methods as mentioned above. Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (LDMI) is imparting digital marketing training since 2008 and becomes the leading digital marketing institute in Delhi covering all the modules in its digital marketing course in delhi. Not only the above mentioned methods of digital marketing, but also the advanced modules will be covered in LDMI digital marketing course.

What are the Career Options of Digital Marketing?

While surfing the internet, you come up with some cool and fun memories, sometimes useful, sometimes commercials, some viral videos, some amazingly written blogs, mobile apps, etc., do you ever find them in Want to make anybody from? If your answer was positive, congratulations you have liked your career and that is the career in digital marketing.


In simpler way digital marketing is a road diverging in two different direction. Worry not both the roads lead to career destinations. How can one skill lead to two different direction? and that’s the beauty or say flexibility or application of digital marketing. If you are determined to hone your digital marketing skills in no time you can set out to be your own boss right away i.e an entrepreneur of if your are comfortable not taking risks there are plenty of options and you can land up at a job in any possible industry.

The ENTREPRENEURIAL road – Entrepreneur is for sure the buzzword of every town and legendary people like – Steve Jobs,Jack Ma, Elon Musk and a lot of others are visually imprinted unto your mind when this word peeps into your mind and if you have been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug time to take it more seriously. As you are going to stumble upon a secret today, a secret to starting out your own venture on your own.

Career possibilities for those who wish to undertake DIGIPRENEURSHIP

Business Development 

With the tide of digital marketing a washing every possible aspect of the market, traditional businesses aren’t behind anymore.You could help traditional business to go online and generate more sales and as a result more money for yourself.


This a commission based business model.Affiliates are professionals that promote third-party products in exchange for commissions for each sale made. This profession is highly recommended for those who already have online influence, but don’t wish to create their own content, as is the case of digital products, nor manage inventory, as is the case of physical products.One can earn pretty good amount of money and more than that flexibility of time.

Producer     Producers are those who create content to be consumed online. This material can be in various formats, such as e-books, video classes and podcasts. In order to become a Producer, you just need to have knowledge that is useful for others and wish to share it.


This is the best part of having equipped with digital marketing skills.With a properly studied niche you can sell any product seating comfortably on your couch and you don’t even have to stock up the goods . This is an example of a market that has been increasingly growing, following the changes in purchasing habits around the world.

Technological solutions

Startups are an example of business that can begin online and eventually migrate to a physical environment if the entrepreneur feels the need.For a startup to be successful, first of all, it is necessary to identify a recurring problem in order to propose a solution.This solution should also be simple to understand and put into practice. Otherwise, people won’t be interested in using it.As a startup owner, you can also develop a variety of products, such as software, applications, and services, this will depend a lot on the type of problem you solve and the consumer profile you wish to reach.

Digital influencer

Digital influencers are considered by many to be the profession of the moment, because they have no age limit or niches. You can have a blog or YouTube channel about makeup for example, and create partnerships with brands that have an interest in reaching your audience.

In addition to brand partnerships, these professionals can make money by running ads by means of Google AdSense. In this form of monetization, more important than the number of followers, is the amount of views you received on your page or video.

Top 6 Benefits of Digital Marketing

#1. Measurable: As compared to traditional form of marketing, digital marketing is measurable and provide the actual data and statistics to the webmasters in real time. In case of traditional form of marketing it is highly difficult to estimate the number of users that paid attention to your advertisements whether the case of print media or TV media or banners or pamphlets etc. Neither, there is a way that you can measure return on investment (ROI) in case of traditional forms of marketing but in digital marketing every activity of a user is measurable and you can even measure the return on investment.

Let’s understand it with some examples:

In digital marketing, webmasters can see the actual number of visitors who visits your website and also in a real time. With the help of Google Analytics, webmasters or digital marketers can measure each and everything happens to their website. You can see how many pages visitors visited, the device they use to visit your website, and also you can track the location of your visitors with the data available in Google analytics.

It is because of Google analytics, you can decide in which segment of your business that you should spend more and with the help of user behavior analysis, you can easily identify that which type of audiences that you should target. It will let you know quickly how visitors interacting with your business and in which page of your website they are taking more interest than other pages. This will enable you to know the interest of a common man related to your business and thus can help you to grow your business substantially.

#2. Affordable: Digital Marketing is also affordable and even the small scale and medium scale sized companies can afford it. This has paved the way for small industries as well to market them. As compared to TV Media or print media advertisement where lots of efforts and money is needed, digital marketing can be done at low cost as well. It depends on the budget of the client that how much he/she is ready to invest. If you do have small budget you can advertise accordingly and if big budget you can target large base of audiences.

#3.Speed and Reach: The service or product you want to advertise can reach to wide audiences in a very quick manner using digital marketing modes. Just with few clicks you can reach to wide base of audiences. You can reach on online magazines, search engines, social media sites, youtube and so many other internet platforms. It is also a very speedy way to reach the targeted customers.

#4. Provides Targeted Customers: Digital Marketing is also a great way to target only the potential customers or the customers that are very much interested in buying your products or services. You can target the audiences on the basis of keywords they are searching, gender, age, location etc. If you make a complete targeted digital marketing campaign than the chances of conversions are very high and you can expect great return on investment (ROI).

You will be able to utilize all the benefits of digital marketing mentioned above after the completion of LDMI digital marketing course in Delhi. You can grow your business online and reach to new heights by increasing your business up to 30% using the digital marketing benefits. We are one of the top digital marketing institutes in Delhi offers digital marketing training on live projects. Call us now and join LDMI for digital marketing course.

 #5.Easy to improve

Since digital marketing works with reporting, it’s easy to identify and change something when you see something that doesn’t work. You can even try different things, measure things that work best, and select this option as your main strategy for further development.

#6.Upgraded rate conversion

The customer’s online exchange is only a few clicks away. Instead of picking up a phone or riding his car and running a business, a user can easily click on his website and buy from his email or find out more about his business from home. Properly planned and targeted digital marketing campaigns can be used to reach the right customers.



Google-Certified Teachers

Learn digital marketing from a team of Google Certified educators and experts with ample experience.

Practical Classroom Sessions

Experience real time education with live projects in training sessions where students can get the best practical knowledge.

Small Batch Size

Small size of batches allows us to focus on each and every student with all the required attention.

100% Placement

Our students who are looking for jobs, get 100% placement assistance by us.

Weekday/Weekend Batches

We also offer weekend and weekday batches so that working professionals can also join us anytime by their convenience.

E-books and Tutorials

We provide numerous tutorials and E-books of digital marketing which can help students to learn by themselves also after getting practical knowledge from us.

Tools for free worth 80k+

We are offering SMO, SEO, PPC Tools and software which can completely regulate the campaigns of digital marketing for you.

10 Industry Certifications

We provide several industry-specific certifications such as hubs-post, Google etc., to learners after examination.

Rating 4.8/5 in Google

From our students, we get lots of positive feedback, reviews and ratings which makes us one of the top-most digital marketing learning institute in Google.

Competitive Prices

Being the best digital marketing learning institute, LDMI is charging very less than other digital marketing institutes.

Official Curriculum

For ethical hacking, curriculum based on advanced concepts of market is designed and developed by the experts of digital marketing industry.

Free Domain, Website & Hosting

We offer one year domain+hosting for websites which will help students to implement our practical teachings.

Regular Assessment

Our Learner can confidently join the industry with good understanding, working knowledge & culture of the industry.

Drop Shipping

Drop-shipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product using the drop shipping model.

Study Material

Learn all the tips and tricks about SMM, SEO,Guide Optimize your site to perform best on Google organic search. Introduction to SEMMake sure you’re getting the best RoI in Google ads.

Free Domain, Website & Hosting

We offer one year domain+hosting for websites which will help students to implement our practical teachings.



Learning Digital Market Institute is considered as one of the top-most digital marketing institute which is offering best digital marketing course training to beginners, entrepreneurs, working professionals etc. Being the world-class digital market training institute, LDMI provides digital marketing industry certifications of Google Analytics, Mobile advertising, Google Ads, Search Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising, Bing ads, Facebook, HubSpot etc.



Want to take your business to next level of success? Join LDMI and learn about reaching to targeted audience. Be an expert of online business.

Working Professionals

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Digital Marketing industry is blooming in India and can also make your career shine with great jobs in Digital media industry.


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Digital Marketing Course in Delhi NCR

In today’s digital era, most of the people use internet. Whether it is about booking cabs, ordering vegetables and food, buying furniture etc., all has become digital. Without digital presence, a business cannot survive these days. There were several mediums and means to promote businesses earlier also but obviously they were very limited.

Marketing of services or products using desktops, phone, digital displays, laptops etc., called Digital Marketing. It has totally changed the buying behavior of consumers. With an impressive online presence, your business can reach to the next level of success.

As Digital marketing is booming across the globe, its scope has also increased at a fast pace. Digital marketing is creating innumerable job opportunities every year. Report of 2016 says that almost 1.5 lakh people got placements in the sector of India’s digital marketing and in 2017, it went too far with eight lakh people.

The best part is that our government is strongly promoting Digitalization, which means the scope of digital marketing in India is unimaginable. The growth rate of India’s Digital marketing industry is around 40%. You are going to get numerous results for digital marketing, if you are searching for online job portals. The numbers of these results are enough to explain the scope and demand of digital marketing industry in India. Several startups and established companies are recruiting skilled professionals and experts of digital marketing for the growth of their business or brand.

“Digital marketing is shining at peak level and has a great scope in India”


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