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In digital marketing, webmasters can see the actual number of visitors who visits your website and also in a real time. With the help of Google Analytics, webmasters or digital marketers can measure each and everything happens to their website. You can see how many pages visitors visited, the device they use to visit your website, and also you can track the location of your visitors with the data available in Google analytics.

The best part about this new form of marketing is you are able to target your specific audience or only the potential buyers which rather reduces the extra and unnecessary amount spend on andverts in traditional form of marketing and most importantly wastage of time.

Day by day as the tech has improved so the tools for digital marketing  has improved and with more advanced tools it has now become more easier than ever for digital marketing experts to target your potential buyers only because now data is the new cash and the internet is store house of data.

Since you have an eye on the marketing budget you have better strategies for your business.


TWO ways to measure traffic for your website.

Total visits :  Measuring the total number of visits to your website will give you with a bigger picture of how well your marketing campaign is driving traffic. You should expect the total number of visits to your site to increase steadily. New sessions. This metric is found within Google Analytics, and it tells you how many new visitors you have vs. the number of return visitors. This will tell you if your site is encouraging repeat customers.


Bounce rate:. This metric shows the amount of your visitors that leave your site before clicking onto any links or exploring it further. Total conversions. This is one of the most important measures to determine how profitability your marketing strategy is. You can measure conversions directly on your website or can use Google Analytics in order to track your progress. If you have low conversion numbers, poor offerings or a bad design could be the problems. Audiences


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