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Had anyone expected this decade would bring along so many catastrophic events one after another. January- the month of hope `instead turned into the month of despair with the wildfire of Australia smoking most of the area of the wild and suburbs. Millions of animal lives burn to death or at least half burned.

It was not done taking a sigh relief after the fire went down and we were grieving over the loss of flora and fauna, here it was the supposed to be the biggest news of the year –CORONA virus.

Every one of aware of the new pandemic which has not just induced fear in common people but even the world leaders. The virus COVID 19 has impacted the world in every way that as it seems that the world once operating at a full speed now has clutched on its breaks – from falling economy to banned travel and whatnot.

Although the pressure on the medical field is constantly accelerating with increased no. of cases and spreading more rapidly, the minds are put into use to come up with a solution to cure.


Well getting a good pair of Anti Pollutant mask along with high content alcohol hand sanitizer is definitely recommended. Washing your hands often with hand wash or a good soap is also to be kept in mind. But what’s most important to keep in mind is – AVOIDANCE.

Avoid direct contact with anyone and for that say bye-bye to handshakes. You won’t offend anyone if you do it what we were doing for a long time, but after getting caught up into the modern western trend we made it into part of our values.

One legitimate way to tackle the scenario is to go back into our roots of identity and culture and greet people with

generous Indian salutation – NAMASKAR.

Derived from the Sanskrit language, Namaste is formed by joining two words, namas and te. ‘Namas’ means ‘bow’, ‘adorations’, ‘obeisance’ and ‘salutation’; and ‘te’ means ‘to you’. Therefore, the literal meaning of Namaste is ‘bowing to you’.

Greeting people with a Namaskar is better than shaking hands as it cuts off chances of transmission of the virus and moreover it looks better plus has a lot of scientific benefits.

Also doing SURYA NAMASKARA daily helps build our immune systems which in result helps our body to fight diseases.

We have got all the resources within our respective culture, we have to just turn the pages and apply all these timeless practices into our lives.

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