SEO Trainer

Successful SEO strategist, Kapil Sunariya is the CO-founder of Learn Digital Marketing Institute. He leads the whole team of LDMI and is known as the man of substance. He has an experience of about 15 years and is 2 times facebook blueprint certified and also a google certified trainer. He has worked as SEO manager but soon after he resigned from the company and started his career as a trainer just so he wanted to contribute to the digital marketing world by educating and training others about digital marketing and he expertise in lead generation marketing .By now he has taught over thousands of students and his success rate is more than 80%. Extremely talented and the most sought out person in the team. He is an expert and has an in-depth knowledge of digital and internet marketing. He is also an online expert. He believes in smart work and makes everything so easy and interesting for the students and that’s the true quality of a leader.


Digital Marketing Trainer

Digital Marketing Trainer at LDMI, Dheeraj takes great interest in the Digital Marketing, SEO and content marketing. Content is the king in the Digital Marketing and he is an expert at creating great content. He has an experience of more than 10 years in digital marketing and is a SEO expert. His method of teaching is so versatile that makes learning so easy for the trainees.


Personality Development Trainer

With his great leadership and personality development skills he has been able to help thousands of students in the overall development as an individual
Helping the youth develop careers for today’s most in-demand skills, he aims at building and tapping different aspects of personality development. With more than 15 years of experience in this area, Akash has helped many students in boosting up there self-confidence which has helped them to gain success in their careers.